Wood siding installation in Illinois 3Wood siding remains a popular choice among homeowners who are looking for an enhancement in their home’s exterior beauty. Traditionally, installation of wood siding in Chicago IL was carried out merely to protect the home from bad weather conditions.

However, architects, builders, and interior designers have begun incorporating sidings in their projects not only for insulation but also for the elegant touch they offer. Wood siding adds a sense of historicity, authenticity, ruggedness, and agelessness to your home.

When you consider wood siding installation, you can choose from a variety of stains, finishes, wood types, designs, and paint colors. There are many patterns that can work well on your home, but the simplest ones are the most popular. Sidings may be vertically or horizontally patterned, and you may create your customized design layout for a personal touch. You may consult a contractor if you’re not too sure about the best choice.

Common Mistakes in Chicago Wood Siding Installation

Wood siding installation in Illinois 1Wood siding installation involves one common mistake that many homeowners make – failure to seal the wood before installing. Protecting the wood will ensure that the paint you apply will last for a long time to come. The paint film usually peals or blisters when moisture gets into the wood. When wood or cedar redwood is installed, it has a high content of extractive chemical; black primer must be used to ensure the durability of this wood siding.

Another common wood siding installation mistake is the failure to install felt beneath your wood siding. Water-resistant building paper may be used for this purpose, and when the building paper is being installed, make sure that the first layer is overlapping the top of the foundation by at least one inch. It is very important to ensure that the correct nails are used. They must be long enough to pierce the sheathing and the wood siding so as to remain strong during stormy weather conditions.

Tools and Materials used in Wood Siding Installation in Chicago

Wood siding installation in Illinois 2The tools and materials needed for wood siding installation include wood siding, circular saw, corner boards, hammer, measuring square, and scaffolding and siding nails. Horizontal overlapping boards sidings are available in multiple width options of 4-12 inches.

When you decide to install wood siding on your home, make sure that two inches of overlap is used. The horizontal joints that can be used to fasten the siding to the wall include plain bevel, rabbeted bevel, tongue and groove, V-ship lap, and cove ship lap.

The siding boards can be cut to the length you desire, using the circular saw. You must ensure that all the joints fall on the studs. To do this, measuring squares may be used as they ensure that each board is cut into the right squares. If it is not square, you’ll get uneven gaps at the joints, making the wall look odd. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions related to installation of wood siding Chicago IL.