A few things to consider before deciding on vinyl picture window installation in Chicago. Vinyl picture windows are best to create an unobstructed view from the interior of your house. However, you need to remember that picture windows are stationary / non-opening type and will not provide any means of ventilation. House ventilation and air exchanges are regulated by building codes, also, natural ventilation (i.e. provided by windows) can be substituted with mechanical systems.

Therefore, you should always consult your local building inspector when in doubt. Depending on room configuration and wall area available for window installation a picture window can be combined with one or a couple of double-hung, casement, or slider type windows. This would solve ventilation issue and still provide almost the same amount of light for your room. Just like any other type, picture windows are available with different glass types, grid designs, and colors. How about vinyl garden window installation?

Specifications of picture windows we install in Chicago:

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