Garden window is an extension of your precious real estate that allows for unobstructed display of beautiful plants or growth of a small window garden all year long. The two casements positioned on opposite sides of a picture window section conveniently provide much needed ventilation. With full natural light exposure coming from 4 glass surfaces and an optional acrylic shelf for plants and decorations you’ll appreciate this mini home-addition. The most common areas where people install garden windows are kitchens and bathrooms, especially when space is a precious commodity.

However, before making your final decision about vinyl garden window installation in Chicago consider, besides its practical application, the exterior location / placement of the window. This is extremely important with windows positioned on a side wall with close proximity to another building, a very common condition in Chicago. Remember that it’s projection from the exterior house wall might interfere with sidewalks, patio furniture, or any other features of you home. Sometimes compromising functionality of the exterior may not be worth the expansion and choosing a different window type might save you frustration in the future.

Specifications of vinyl garden windows we install:

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