Vinyl awning window installations  in Chicago were very popular in early 1920’s until 1960’s. Awning type windows were mostly used in manufacturing plants, schools, as well as residential applications. Popularity of window air conditioning units forced homeowners to look for replacement options, such as double hung window. Awning type vinyl windows are designed with hinges mounted along their top edge and swing outward from the bottom.

They have two common types of opening mechanisms: crank handle or lever that push and hold window in desired position. While the lever acts as the only locking mechanism in some designs, crank handle equipped awning windows usually have locking devices positioned symmetrically along vertical edges. They expand design possibilities while providing convenient fresh air supply to your home. Also, similar in design to casements awning windows guarantee excellent weather-tight seal. Go here for vinyl double hung window installation.

Specifications of vinyl awning windows we install:

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