Vinyl Window Installation in Chicago – New and Replacement Windows

Why Should you install new vinyl windows in your home?

There might be a few reasons behind a decision to install thermal vinyl replacement windows in your Chicago home.

Old Window Condition

The most obvious one is usually associated with a condition of your old windows such as: problems with operating, air drafts, and deterioration of their assembly. In some cases your old window could be simply beyond the repair.

Aesthetic Reasons

Although we rarely decide to perform window replacement for purely aesthetic reasons, the appeal of a new window unit in you Chicago home will not go unnoticed.

Chicago Window Installation Cost

Money is always a factor when deciding on replacing your old window units. The most popular and in most cases most affordable type of thermal replacement window material is vinyl. You can always step-up to wood and aluminum clad wood windows but their cost is significantly higher.

Window Maintenance

Another important aspect of choosing vinyl window installation in Chicago is the amount of maintenance required to preserve their performance. Besides washing their surfaces, which will depend on factors like pollution in your neighborhood and particular window location (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) there’s really not much else you need  to do.

On the other hand, with wood and clad type windows you’ll be required to monitor their frames for any moisture presence, remember to keep them closed in cold season (especially casements) to prevent deformation, and occasionally refinish wood surfaces.

Vinyl Window Quality

Vinyl windows manufacturing process has been perfected over the years and development of new technologies results in constant quality improvements leading to higher energy efficiency. Listed below are various thermal vinyl window types we install. Each type of a window may include different frame color options, glass efficiency choices, and other unique features engineered to accommodate almost any budget.

thermal windows logo smallThe following are examples of windows manufactured by Thermal Windows and Doors, one of the major quality windows suppliers we use. Click any of the images for more details and specifications of the particular window.


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If Vinyl is not your material of choice consider exploring wood windows for a change. Click Chicago window replacement windows for more.