Cement Fiber siding installation in Illinois 2Cement fiber Chicago siding installation is an excellent option for homeowners who want to improve their home’s exterior beauty. The ease of installing cement fiber siding and its termite-resistant, moisture-resistant, non-combustible and durable nature make it a very popular choice.

Unlike other types of siding, cement fiber sidings usually carry a fifty-year warranty from the manufacturer, confirming its status as the ‘Lord of the Sidings’! You can find them in a variety of styles, colors, textures, sizes and patterns. Typically, the cost of cement fiber siding is slightly more when compared to its vinyl counterpart, but is far less expensive than wood, masonry or stucco cladding.

Cement fiber Chicago siding installation has been around for almost a century now. Initially, it had an admixture of asbestos, but the advancement in technology over the past twenty years has resulted in different ways to make the product. Cement fiber siding is made of cement, cellulose, wood fiber or sand. The materials are cured with steam under pressure so as to enhance its dimensional stability and strength. The cement is made stronger, thanks to the fiber content, as it avoids cracking that usually occurs with aging cement.

Benefits of  Cement Fiber Siding Installation

Cement Fiber siding installation in Illinois 1There are various benefits of cement fiber siding installation in Chicago. The most notable feature of cement fiber siding is its durability. It also has the characteristics that make it possible to install it in any kind of climate and geographic region.

Its versatility is considered to be better than wood or vinyl siding, as it is thicker than its alternatives, therefore being more resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, swelling, shrinking, bowing and sagging. Moreover, it is also less prone to severe damages during wind storms and damages caused by wind-borne debris.

Cement fiber siding installation works out very well in naturally resisting fungus, termites and mildew. Unlike wood or vinyl siding, you don’t have to schedule regular maintenance checks to prevent the occurrence of problems. It is very easy to apply paint on cement fiber sidings as well, meaning that you can change the exterior appearance of your home whenever you wish to.

Disadvantages of Cement Fiber Chicago Siding Installation

Although the advantages of cement fiber siding installation may outnumber its disadvantages, yet it is important to take a look at its cons. As compared to vinyl and wood siding, cement fiber is heavier and requires proper care and handling prior to installation.

Silica is one of the important ingredients used in making cement fiber sidings. When it is intact, silica poses no risk. However, when it is cut, grinded or drilled while the process of cement fiber siding installation is in progress, the resulting dust has the potential to cause serious hazards to your health. This is because inhaling excessive quantities of silica over a period of time may cause lung cancer, silicosis or other diseases related to the lungs.

It is essential to eliminate such problems by ensuring that a fitting respirator is used while performing cement fiber Chicago siding installation, which will keep you protected against potential health risks.