According to the AAMA, it seems that the popularity of aluminum replacement windows has dropped quite a lot and only about two percent of the population is currently using them. This percentage is eclipsed by fiberglass replacement windows which represent two point six percent of the window replacement market, while the vinyl windows are by far the most predominant type. They currently represent three quarters of all replacement windows installed.

Best Areas for Aluminum Replacement Window InstallationsSo why aren’t there too many people to consider aluminum replacement windows? Well, there are a few reasons behind that. First of all, aluminum doesn’t really look that great compared to other materials and on top of that, it’s also not that energy efficient when compared to fiberglass, vinyl, clad wood and wood. What this means is that during cold days, these windows will transfer a lot more heat to the exterior and there’s also the chance of condensation forming, not to mention frost (in the most severe cases). This is especially the case if low efficiency glass is used.

In order to combat this problem though, a new generation of aluminum windows that features thermal break frames seem to do the trick. They’re basically placing an insulating material between the outside and the inside of the aluminum frame which improves energy efficiency by a wide margin. However, compared to other types of windows, aluminum replacement windows are still quite inefficient from many points of view.

Still, if you’re someone who lives in an area where the temperatures are very low in the wintertime, then you may want to consider shopping for other types of windows, since the majority of vendors are certainly not going to sell you aluminum windows if you live in an area where the local energy codes aren’t properly met. On the other hand, if you live in the American South or any other area with a mild climate, then aluminum replacement windows may just be the type you should consider.

Not only are they very strong, but at the same time they’re also lightweight and can easily withstand temperature extremes and high winds without losing their integrity. So if you live in an area with powerful winds and even hurricanes, then it’s definitely a good idea to consider getting aluminum replacement windows. Sure, no one will stop you from getting impact resistant vinyl replacement windows, but most of the times they’re going to cost a lot more than their aluminum counterparts.

According to the experts, modern aluminum windows look really stylish and classy when compared to the old windows used before them.

In recent times, aluminum replacement windows seem to be used by many architects when designing various structures and that’s not only because of their affordability, but also due to their strength and clean lines which allow for larger expanses of glass and thinner frames. For instance, did you know what the architects at Washington state’s Build LLC are actually some very big fans of these types of windows? That’s because they not only complement modern design perfectly, but they’re also maintenance free and very functional.

For many mid century homes, these windows are a perfect match, so if your home was initially built with aluminum windows, then without a doubt the modern choice of such windows is certainly going to blow you away. They look simply amazing and have a lot of benefits that many people with a low budget are definitely going to fall in love with.

Keep in mind though that even if most of the times you’re going to hear that aluminum windows require no maintenance, that is not entirely true. Over time, they will become prone to corrosion or pitting and this is especially the case if you live in coastal areas where the air is salty. The good news though is that compared to vinyl, you can easily paint or prime aluminum in any color you want and do so easily. On top of that, the majority of windows can also be ordered with powder coat or enamel finishes.

Compared to other types of windows on the market, you won’t find aluminum windows to be offered by a lot of vendors, but if they complement your home’s design and your climate, then you can easily get them from a wide range of local, regional and national manufacturers. As an example of top national names to get them from, Milgard and Jeld-Wen are definitely amongst the most reliable manufacturers out there.

Once you’re done with your replacement window Chicago installation you may want to take a look at our seamless gutter options.